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This site is dedicated to the femme fatales in cinema and other media who have dressed up the scenery, and added interest to films and other media for many generations. If sexy women who find themselves in dangerous situations interests you, this is the site for you!
Femme Fatalities is your Number 1 femme fatale and erotic death fetish site, which specializes in exploring the fantasy deaths of beautiful and erotic women by many and varied methods of demise, including asphyxia, shooting, stabbing, arrowing, drowning, hanging, strangulation, impaling... You name it and there's video, stills, stories, and/or manips that explore this aspect of the necro or erotic death fetish fantasy.
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2. F.F.'s Private Members Club which is hosted by Bluestone, the owner of this site and the producer of custom videos featuring lovely actresses such as those pictured to the right. Bluestone has a large variety of fantasy death fetish videos to buy, such as female stranglings, female shootings, female stabbings, female drownings, female hangings, and various other female death scenarios. In addition to the promotional site for Bluestone's Silk Videos, there are over 500 free female death scenes from movies & TV, including female stranglings, female shootings, female stabbings, as well as plenty of female on female death scenes. There are hundreds of free female death fetish photos, video clips and reviews. Only members of the F.F. Message Board are allowed to join this free, but private, club.

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Petra Morgan in "Petra Interrupted"
(Actress Interviews Series)

Tina in "The Killing"
(Tommygun's Noir Theatre)

Suzi in "Ride To Hell"
(Silk 'N Blood Series)

Maxine X in "Targeted"
(Bluestone Presents Series)

Melina in "Gambit"
(Escort Wars Mini-Series)

Petra Morgan in "The Beneficiary"
(Silk 'N Blood Series)

Suzi in "The Anguished Patient"
(Silk 'N Blood Series)
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