Deadly politics

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Deadly politics

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This is a review for the Black Nylons studios video

Deadly politics

Lexi Luna and Roxanna Red
Price $15.99

It is available direct from producer or clip store


I give it between 7-8 stars out of 10

Lexi is a spy trying to find evidence or documents.
Roxanna sneaks in to eliminate her.
Unfortunate for her she is to arrogant, and Lexi puts a bullet into her instead.

What Lexi does not know is Roxanna has a partner.
Soon Lexi is shot as well.
We get to see her death scene. During which her dress rides up exposing, that she is wearing no panties.

Shift to Roxanna wounded and pleading for her partner for help.
Yet now she is a loose end. The partner puts more bullets into her sexy body.
Now we watch her death scene.

Soon both ladies are nicely bloody, and dead.
Some nice views of both. Open eye stares from both ladies.
Then shift, and we get to enjoy seeing even more of them.
Lexi fully nude, Roxanna only wearing panties and stockings. The killer maybe having some fun, before leaving them.

Again more views both ladies.
Some extra moments added after main video.

I can not say enough of my admiration.
For the detail work Tommy does.
With wounds, placement, amount of blood.
As well as positioning the beautiful models back in place.
After the stripping happens.

Shooting fans, should enjoy most of Black Nylons videos.
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Last image I cropped out border. So you can better enjoy only Lexi. In video has border like rest of it.
If there could have been a bodypile. Probably would have jumped straight to a perfect 10.
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