Girl in room 13 review

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Girl in room 13 review

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This is a review of the Black Nylons film
The Girl in room 13

Starring Amanda Foxx and Stella Stone

It is available direct from the studio, Gumroad, and deadsexyclips.
Price starting at $15.99 more in some stores due to fees.
ALWAYS best and cheapest price. If you can buy direct from the studio/ producer

Direct from studio



I give it an 8 or 9 out of ten.

Stella confronts Amanda, looking all femme fatale business.
Amanda in white lingerie tries to plead her case.
Stella happily begins shooting her. Following her over and down to the floor.
Amanda's bouncy, big breasts trying to fall free from her bra.
Then Stella gives the coup de grace, shooting her some more. Leaving Amanda open eyed and very bloody and dead.

Later a discussion between Stella and her partner. Stella distracted begins being shot herself.
Total kudos to Stella for doing a slide down the wall. wearing those heels she has on.
Soon Stella is dead as well. Her jacket stripped.
Open eyed, topless and bloody. No panties, skirt pushed up. She sits dead against the wall.

Now Amanda is stripped naked. You see almost all of it.
Before being dragged fully nude along the floor.
A final pose, both ladies in the same shot, ways away from each other.

Think it would have hot a ten for me. If maybe final pose. Amanda had maybe been closer or arched over Stellas legs.
That way a much closer, final image could have happened.

Still, as usual from Black Nylons.
A nice amount of blood. With very good detail, of the wounds after stripping.

After main feature an faster editing of taking the gun shots.
Some outtakes during filming
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