Treacherous Secretary 2

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Treacherous Secretary 2

Post by Storm9 »

This is a review for the Black Nylons video Treacherous Secretary 2

Studio direct


Current price $19.99

Stars Savannah, Jemma Jordan, Jessi Horobec, Taylor Knight, Tara Devane

I give it a 8 to 9 out of ten

If you look double crosses and shooting. This video for you.
Jemma and Jessi are enjoying time together. Sadly for them Taylor arrives.
Soon both lovely ladies are being shot to death.

Taylor goes to settle up the deal with Savannah. When the job is done.
Savannah pays her off, by killing Taylor. Betraying and shooting her.

Busty Tara comes in a saleswoman, wrong place at the wrong time.
Savannah happily guns her down as well.

Each lady getting their own death scene. As well as views of them when dead.
Taylor and Tara also get stripped. Clothing opened or removed. Leaving them exposed for your viewing pleasure.

Finally wearing a robe, that comes open. Savannah is relaxing, sure of her own safety.
When she is surprised and a head shot. Ends her evil ways.

So five deaths in all. Three of the ladies wearing white tops or dresses.
Good attention to wounds and blood effects. Nice staging of the bodies.
Good reactions by the ladies.
If Jemma and Jessi would have been staged naked, after there death scenes, like Taylor and Tara.
Think this would have jumped to about a 12 out of 10.
Some very sexy, full figured ladies.

After the end. Some outtakes and different views of the shootings.
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Re: Treacherous Secretary 2

Post by Crazzeedave »

Damn topless Savannah and it’s a head shot
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