Review for Cover Girl video

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Review for Cover Girl video

Post by Storm9 »

This is a review for Black Nylons video Cover Girl

It can be bought direct from producer

After reading this he may load into either his gumroad or deadsexy clip stores.

I do not have current price for video.
It stars Bonita Bannock and Cali Jane.

Give it a 9 out of ten

Bonita is a rival model. That Cali figures needs to go.
Cali confronts and kills Bonita gunning her down.
Bonita in sexy satiny night gown.
After making the kill Cali cuts it away from her leaving her very bloody and exposed.

Change up to Cali changing for the evening. Stripping out of her killers wardrobe. Into something very slinky and revealing.
Sadly for her, she does not know. A killer has come for her as well.
Just like her victim Cali is left basically naked, bloody and dead.
Bonita shot and Cali stabbed.

As expected the attention to the wounds is very good. Think that is one of TommyGuns trademarks.
The wounds given, as well as blood effect used. Usually very realistic looking.

I think the one drawback that kept it from the 10 for me.
Since in part Cali's death, was parity and irony. Coming to the same end as her victim.
Think Bonita's character should have been left full nude as well.
Still nice mix of demises here.
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