On her own starring Bonita Kiki n Velma

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On her own starring Bonita Kiki n Velma

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This is a review, for the Black Nylons video
On her Own

Bonita Bannock, Kiki, and Velma Ridge

Available for PPV purchase
Direct sales

Price $19.99
(Always helps to check .. Studio may be able to sell slightly cheaper direct. Saving clip store fees.)

I give it an 8 to 9 out of 10

Bonita arrives, as Kiki and Velma relax.
(Velma in lingerie and some very impressive nipples showing. At one point either chilled or excited. Catch the eye.)
Kiki and Bonita dressed more casual.

They are in the same gang.
Bonita letting them know.
She figures she can do better with out them.

A shoot out begins.
As usual, Tommy Gun paying good attention.
To showing the ladies taking the hits.
You get to see each hit. As well as the ladies reacting, to their demises, all the way.

Have to say Kiki is wonderful with this.
Kiki and Velma hit. Then Bonita as well.

Finishing shots to Kiki and Velma, it looks like Bonita may survive.
Yet as she starts to try and escape.
Velma manages the strength to shoot her, in her back.
All three dying.

We get to see views of all the ladies dead.
Including Kiki full nude, eyes open.
Velma shown in lingerie, then full nude on her side.

Bonita face down.
Which is what keeps it from full ten for my tastes.
As much blood as we saw, on her before the final shot to her back.
I wanted to see that on her. As well as her open eyed stare.
The expression on her face. Most of her covered up. Except for her bare backside.

Still for some, it does give a decent variety of poses.
Between the three sexy ladies.

Then it has a few bonus, slower shots. After the main video ends.
If your a shooting fan. Black Nylons, usually a very good place to check out videos.
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