Betrayal starring Quinn Taylor

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Betrayal starring Quinn Taylor

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This is a review for the video Betrayal

Stars Quinn Taylor
Best way to purchase is direct through studio.

Deadsexyclips ... 346c9f11c1


Price shown as $14.99 to $15.99 depending on store. (Likely due to fees paid to list)
Best price would be through vendor direct.

I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

Starts out Quinn coming in from the pool.
Confronted by killer, and shot many times.
Towel dropped. As Quinn ends up dying, fully nude.

As usual VERY good attention to wounds, and blood effect.
Quinn doing a nice job, acting it out.

Then moves on to her totally different look.
The lady that hired the killer.
Unfortunate for her.
He has decided to clean house, killing her also.

Again nicely done, special effects and her acting.
Both demises struggle and attempt to survive done.

Two things that dropped it from a ten.
One just being greedy. That white dress, I soooo wanted to see a lot bloodier.
(just me, but soon as I saw it. I was hoping for a very bloody affair.)
The other is simply, to many modifications the model herself.
Close ups face. She is honestly a very beautiful lady.

The partial head shave and body artwork, just took away a little from it for me.
So personal tastes.

Outside of that, a VERY good video, for shooting fans.
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