My Wifes Away

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My Wifes Away

Post by Storm9 »

Video review for My Wifes Away.

Starring Marie Lyn, Hannah Perez and Kat Kavvanaugh
For $19.00

Tommy Gun also will do direct sales on this.
Buying direct he may be able to give you slightly better price.

I give this a 9 out of 10

Marie comes home early. Fine looking lady. Smoking hot body!!
She goes to shower, thinking of heading to bed.

The hubby has two sexy gal pals, arriving with him.
Looking to use the pool.

Marie has had enough of his cheating.
So taking out a gun. She puts bullets into both topless beauties.
Then a struggle, and the husband shoots her.

You have both indoor, and outdoor scenes here.
All the shooting indoors.
The sexy ladies reacting to taking the hits.
As expected from Black Nylons.
Very good attention, to the wounds and blood details,

Some views of the ladies writhing shot.
Then some final views, of all 3 bloody, eyes open and dead.
Head to toe, all around and bare feet.
Not to mention a bodypile.

Some extra outtakes follow the main movie.

The two things that kept it from getting the 10 rating.

We get to see Marie strip and head into the shower.
Then fades out on her. That kind of tease.
Needed at least a minute, close up. Of her wet, and bathing in the shower.
I mean she did get all wet for the scene. Just very little seen of her there.

Then wish Kat would have finished piled, and face up.
Very pretty eyes. That would have been nice, her arched up over.
So we could see both Hannah and Kat's open eyes same shot.

Still for shooting fans. This one has a lot going for it!!
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Re: My Wifes Away

Post by tommygun »

Thanks for your support in this work, Storm...! I take your comments to heart!
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