Surprised w Jeanie n Vanessa

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Surprised w Jeanie n Vanessa

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This video stars Jeanie and Vanessa

It is part of the Black Nylons Private collection/ Direct sales only.
Purchase direct from studio

I give it a 7 to 8 out of 10

It opens with the ladies, lovers in bed.
Jeanie gets up to get ready to go.

I love Vanessa in this one.
As they talk, we see Jeanie enter the shower.
Vanessa does good, with eyes and body language.
(Helps she lays in bed topless.)
As she is asked about her hobby of killing people.

Goes back and forth, as Jeanie exits wearing towel.
Starts getting made up, and dressed.
Vanessa getting out of bed, dressed, and armed.
LOVE the look of that outfit on Vanessa!

Then it comes to the face to face.
Vanessa having shown, killing people turns her on.
Now reveals she is there to kill Jeanie.

Vanessa playing the villain/ killer nicely.
Jeanie does give some very good reactions, taking the hits.
As well as rolling around, moaning, and showing her pain.

For shooting fans, this one may be worth looking at.
Shots to body, chest, back, mid section.
Vanessa does not mind using plenty of bullets
Decent amount of blood, to the white top.

The few things that take away from score for me.
Nothing against the model. Just Jeanie does not have the looks I prefer.
A different model, probably would have enjoyed more.
While admitting, she does nice job, while being done in by Vanessa.

Then the fact this one. She is left fully clothed at the end.

Still, Vanessa made up for much of it for me.
I will definetly, want more of the videos, with her in them.
Part of the Black Nylons catalogue.
That you can request from TommyGun.
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