MY Lady Scarface Last Stand review

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MY Lady Scarface Last Stand review

Post by Storm9 »

This is a longer video clip.
Starring some very well known actress model talent, in the fetish.
Savannah, Belle Fatale, Kiki (Some times Kiki Khaos, Tessa, and Ryanne.
Multiple demises in a shoot out.

It sells for
For $29.00

Tommy Gun also will do direct sales on this.

I give it a 9.5 to 10 out of 10 stars

Savannah is Lady Scarface, with her gang of Belle Fatale and Kiki. Hold up, ready to fight.

Tessa and Ryanne two of the police officers, charging in to take them.

All of the ladies bra less, so some nice movement, as well as pokies seen here and there.
First run, done as a quick regular motion scene of a shoot out.
All ladies hit.

THEN if you keep watching, a much slower, more detailed filming for the scene.
Each lady in turn, during shoot out.
Is usually hit, more than once.
We get to watch her act her scene out all the way.
Nothing to distract you from her performance. Taking the first hit.
Shock, crying out, fighting to live, maybe being shot again.
Struggling, until her final pose, and death stare.

So nice amount of time spent, with each sexy lady.
With views of them laying finished.
None of the ladies seem to be wearing panties, except Belle.
Savannah, Kiki, and Ryanne all show lower nudity.
Kiki does a great deep, close to final inhale, struggling to live.

We then have body handling, and some stripping.
Decent amount of blood, as they are exposed, to topless.
Some views each lady.
Then more handling, as they are all dragged, lined up together.
Gang as well as fallen Policewomen.
With some more pans.

Quite a lot of content and fetish elements to enjoy.
With this many ladies acting out a full death scene.
It is like getting more than single video, for the price.

Main action, followed by some slower takes of being wounded.
As well as some behind the scenes views.
These ladies have all featured in numerous video clips, various studios.
So some well known and seen actresses this one.
Shooting fans, this one worth checking out.
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