My Identity Theft review

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My Identity Theft review

Post by Storm9 »

This is my review for the video Identity Theft.

It is available at the Niche clip store
$ 19.00 price
He usually will do direct sales as well.

I give it a 9 out of 10

Stars Velma Ridge dual roll, twin sisters.
Bonita Bannock also stars.

We begin, with a nude Bonita getting out of the shower.
Brief drying off, then getting into a sexy dress.
Ready for a night out.
She passes, Anita. (One of the sisters).

After Bonita leaves.
We get to enjoy Velma, stripping full nude.
Heading into the shower.
As she finishes, she is confronted by her twin Velma.
Nicely done, the face to face meeting.

Velma informs her, after removing a blonde wig.
She is taking her place.
Anita is shot, the towel drops away.
She takes the hit. Then begins to moan and show her pain.
Another bullet.
Now she begins to lean against the counter.
Then move to the floor.
While she is writhing in pain.
Velma lets her know she needs to finish.
Then shoots her again.

Anita ends up, very naked, bloody and dead on the floor.
Eyes open, on her back.

Bonita has come back early.
Velma slips in, gun in hand.
Bonita is in the kitchen. Thinking it is Anita.
Then she is shot.
Just like with Anita's character.
Bonita takes several bullets. One at a time.
A lot of writhing, and moaning.
A final shot, and she is dead, on her back.
Laying on the floor.
Velma cuts Bonita's dress open.
Leaving her topless, bloody and dead.
Wearing white lace panties and stockings.

Few pans of both dead ladies.

After the main video.
Some extra views and out take shots.
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Re: My Identity Theft review

Post by denis »

I buy them directly from the owner. It is he who works. He is the one to be paid.
This video, I have found it great. For me 10/10 :clap:

Je les achète directement au propriétaire. C'est lui qui travail. C'est lui, que l'on doit êtres payer.
Cette vidéo, je l'ai trouver formidable. Pour moi 10/10 :clap:
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