My Strip Pool video review

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My Strip Pool video review

Post by Storm9 »

Ok, wanted to add my own review this video.

I give it a 9 to 10 out of 10.
Basically solid through entire video.
It is available for $19.00
Good amount of time, for the money.
Niche clip store
I think Tommy Gunn would sell it direct also if contacted.
That way producer gets all of sales.

Stars Jemma Jordan (Fetish goddess)
Scarlett Black (Lovely young red haired doll.)
Bonita Bannock (Exotic looking femme fatale dusky skin.)

First this is almost like two movies for the price of one.
It starts with some nice strip tease, by all three ladies.
As the game goes on.
All 3 going full nude.

Then a masked attacker comes in.
Bonita is shot, and begins to moan.
Jemma is shot down.
We have good reactions from all the ladies taking hits.
Each lady a bit different. Bonita a moaning, groaning victim.
Jemma writhing and crying out.
Scarlett the moaning cryer.

After Scarlett is hit.
Each lady gets tagged at least once more.
Nice amounts of blood, and wound detail.
We see Jemma's head roll slowly to the side.
Before she is finally dead.
All three finish open eyed, on the floor.

Then we get body pans, and close ups.
For all three ladies.
After trailers a few outakes.

So strip tease party, followed by a shooters fantasy.
Nice combination, and worth the price.
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Re: My Strip Pool video review

Post by Storm9 »

Special offer from the producer.

After seeing this Tom offered the following.

Tell the viewers that if they email me at

mention your post and buy directly, that I will give a 20% introductory discount on the clip.


He does also have a Genre clip store.
Yet the special sale price, ONLY good for direct purchase.
Not sure how long this special offer is good for.
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Re: My Strip Pool video review

Post by tommygun »

Hey, Storm, thanks so much for putting up a review. Didn't know you were going to do that, but as you mentioned after I e-mailed you, I'd love to have people join "The Black Nylons Private Collection" group. It offers a number of clips that are not available on the regular clip sites, and I'm able to do special offers and discounts. And it's completely confidential and very easy to use.

You can keep up to date on most of the offerings by checking out Buck's Blog: Buck's Blog

In case anyone is on the fence about joining the group, here's a special discount for this weekend. If you join this week and mention Storm's review, you will get a 20% discount on all films purchased on the initial order.

E-mail me at
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it's easy to buy direct!
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Re: My Strip Pool video review

Post by PatrickPayne »

Scarlett is looking great there.
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