"You Talked"

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"You Talked"

Post by G-Man »

"You Talked” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

From Black Nylon Films is... "You Talked” is one AWESOME “HIT" video from Tommygun.

Tommy Guns’ Synopisis

Taylor Knight has figured out that Savannah Costello and Jessica talked to the feds and ratted her out.
She doesn't take that lightly, so after enjoying Savannah's charms in bed and a cigarette, she confronts
Savannah in the bathroom. Savannah denies it, but to no avail. Taylor plugs her three times. Then adds
one under the chin just to make sure. Jessica is on the phone with a co-conspirator when Taylor finds her.
"You're going to be late, Jess..," she says as she puts two bullets through Jess's back, then another through
her back to her belly. Jess falls off her chair and dies, giving Taylor the chance to disrobe her, check the
wounds, and prop a cigarette in her lifeless lips.

G-Man's Review
This video should get... no, no, no, wait... if this video does not gets any healthy mans' rocks off...
then there is something wrong with him!!! :lol2:
Right from the start we see a nude Taylor & Savannah (both looking as luscious as hell) which quickly gets
our utmost attention!!!
With his stunning directional artwork (camera angles, FX & CGI) Savannah’s and Taylor’s superb acting...
TG puts it all together to become arguably his best choreographed death scene to date!!!
Taylor pulls it off by playing a most convincing (and oh looking soooooooooo sexy) icy cold killer with her first
victim Savannah, who gives one of her very best protracted sexy death scene.
Tommgun makes the whole first death scene really pop by mixing CGI with tried & true low tech makeup (FX)
effects to bring it all together in one hell of a death scene.
Again Savannah’s death scene is a stunner that one must see!!!
The second death scene, played by Jessica also does one very fine job acting out her demise.
Between her reactions to each of three bullet hits, coupled with TG’s fine CGI/FX work makes another must see
shooting scene!!!
As in almost all of Tommyguns videos, he also provides nice body handling, bullet hole examinations, plus dead
body pans of both victims and out takes at the end.
Finally I would love to see Taylor play her part in the future and then... see her get shot to shit. :twisted:

Hits & Misses
With TG’s Hollywood like Camera work, FX (make-up) and fine acting...
Savannah’s death scene is one of very few near perfect death scenes I have ever seen!!!
Jessica, performs a very solid scene, giving nice jerking reactions and moans from each of her bullet hits.
TG also provides us with plenty of sweet camera angles of each victim with up the skirt shots and toe to
head angles.
Oh... oh... Taylor, again she looks and plays her part exquisitely as the evil hit lady!!! :excited:

A video that will “Get Your Rocks Off”!!! (If not... then you must be dead!!!)
Truly one of TG’s very best shooting videos!!!
If you like sexy full figured women getting shot “You Talked” is a must... a winner!!!
"You Talked” is another fine TG video that is sure to stimulate!!!
Also priced to buy at less than $10.00 a necrobabe!!! :eek: :eek:
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.
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