"Danger of Envy" (Parts 1 & 2)

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"Danger of Envy" (Parts 1 & 2)

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"The Danger of Envy” (Parts 1 & 2) :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve:

Black Nylon Films brings on sooooo much
“SIZZLE” with "The Danger of Envy” TG had to seperaite it into two parts.

Staring Taylor Knight, Tara Devane and Jessi Horobec... Taylor wants the top job, but Jessi and Tara stand in her way.
In Part 1, Taylor surprises Jessi in her kitchen and proceeds to shoot her four times in a scene that reminds one of the
shooting in "The Danger of Love." Jessi collapses and struggles a lot on the floor. Taylor cuts off her blouse to watch
the wounds bleed as Jessi takes her last breath.
In part 2 Taylor continues her hostile advancement... this time eliminating Tara Devane.
She barges in on Tara’s bedroom (delightfully clad ina white chemise) and puts a stich of five machine gun bullets into
her torso.
Tara is thrown back on the bed and struggles to get up, or even breathe. Finally she gasps a last breath and Taylor cuts
off the chemise to watch the wounds bleed. A special "film noir adaptation" is is available free on request with purchase.

G-Man's Review:
Here TG again uses very familiar death fetish theme and breaks it up into two juicy parts for the budget minded viewers.
Tommy packs in plenty of sight & sound elements in both death scenes and he making sure you get your money’s
worth from each part.
In Part #1 he wastes no time into getting the viewer excited with introducing Taylor playing a very convincing,
evil / sexy looking hit lady that you would also like to see get wasted. (Aw... maybe in one of TG next movies )
The victim played by Jessi, who is one stunning, curvy blond that gives it a all in performance. She’s dressed in
loose (and bra-less) white top, tight fitting black skirt, black thigh high stockings and white panties.
From her bullet hit reactions to finally lying still on the floor, Jessi really struts her stuff!!!
After getting shot 5 times in her breasts and belly , Jessi does a fine classic slow collapse to the floor to continue
to roll over and give us more fine painful grimmess and some very fine dying gyrations.
Then Taylor does the classic roll over of her victim so to have her lying tits up and so she can cut open Jessi’s
blouse so she can inspect her deadly handy work and then to watch her slowly die. SWEET!!!
Of course TG supplies plenty of body scans and out-takes after the video.

In Part #2 Taylor moves on to surprise Tara (this time a fine looking curvy brunet) who is lying on a bed only
dressed in a white one piece semi-transparent chemise and white thigh high stockings. (Ooooh Yeah!!!)
This time Taylor brings a M16 (with Silencer) to do her dirty work and wastes little time and opens up on Tara’s
fine, fine, fine soft & firm body!!! Hitting her seven times from belly to chest making the doomed babe jerk and
twist with each hit as she flies back onto her bed. (here TG also provides instant re-play of the shooting) NICE!!!
Lying on her back we see Tara also doing a fine, fine job acting out a very sexy death scene.
Tara like Jessi (part#1) gives us mighty fine facial reactions and dying body gyrations until she too lies still.
Grabbing for her knife again, Taylor cuts and strips Tara’s outfit to also expose her deadly handiwork and showing
off TG’s fantastic & realistic looking bullet hole artwork!!!
Again we see plenty of body scans and out-takes.

Hits & Misses:
In both videos Tommy provides the best eye-popping FX/CGI and most realistic looking blood work!!!
Both women were AWESOME playing out each of their respective death scenes.
Nice bullet hole work on the women and blood trickle from Jessi’s mouth. (Nice Touch)
Also... plenty of very juicey camera angles that keeps the viewers sexual tension elevated!!!
Only nit-picky thing... maybe a bit too much blood from mouth in Tara’s scene.

Tommy Gun’s "The Danger of Envy” (parts 1 & 2) are SHOOT & STRIP winners and worthwhile buys!!!
Part#1 fetish elements: Hit woman, nylons, breast shot, belly shot, blood, bloody wounds, realistic wounds, fancy shoes,
nylons, foot closeups ,death stare, struggling, underwear, panties, agony, extended death scenes
Part#2 fetish elements: machine gun, AK47, nylons, breast shot, belly shot,, blood, bloody wounds, realistic wounds,
feet, nylons, foot closeups ,death stare, struggling, underwear, panties, agony, extended death scenes, chemise, corset.
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.

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