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"Madam” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Black Nylon’s "Madam” is another fine title from the MASTER "Shoot & Strip" videos.


All’s not well in a high class call girl syndicate where one of madam’s “HO’s” threatens to drop the dime on her after being fired.
This does not sit well with the Madam (played by Bonita) who quickly takes things in her own hands with a 9mm by pumping five
slugs into her former employee (played by Cali) hitting her in her breasts, belly & back. Where if not enough... Bonita then strips
Cali’s now dead body to examine her brutal handy work.
Soon after, Bonita gets home strips down into a hot bath and displays all of her beautiful bare-assets.
While lying confortable in the tub... unbeknownst to Bonita... her boss is also unhappy with her and sends out a hit lady (Velma)
to whack his madam. Velma wastes no time and proceeds to pump four rounds into Bonita’s naked body, hitting her in her breasts
and belly to slowly slide back down into the tub dead.

G-Man's Review
Having the same cast of victims as TG’s “Cover Girl”, once again... both Cali and Bonita do a fine job acting out their death scenes.
Cali’s bullet hit reactions and spin move to finally stagger / collapse and die is definitly visually stimulating.
Bonita’s nude in the bath death... also is most stimulating!!! Jerking and moaning with each bullet hit... a must see!!!
With the gals awesome acting coupled with TG’s eye-popping CGI/FX work... makes it one hell of a exhilarating shooting video!!!
Also... Prior to each of the ladies’ death, Tommy does some fine voyeur camera work with each victim and to insure they each show
off all of their fine bare assets when they dress or undress.

Hits & Misses
Again as in “Cover Girl”,Cali is one very fine looking mature full figured woman who does not seem shy showing her stuff!!!
Her protracted death scene and collapse on the floor is another sweeeeet lingering dying scene.
Bonita does a fantastic job playing the part as a sexy-evil sadistic bitch as she shoots Cali to death!!!
Plus she has one hard body with sooooo many fine curves that would make any healthy man dizzy which makes her death scene rock
all the more as she jerks and gives some great nice dying gyrations while in the bath tub.
plus as always... TG makes sure there’s plenty of great pans & angles of both victims.

Another hard boiled TG video that will make it hard to keep one’s pants dry!!!
If you like sexy full figured women getting shot... madam Girl is a sure winner!!!
"Madam” is another fine TG video that is sure to stimulate!!!
Fetish elements: belly shots, breast shots, multiple deaths, multiple wounds, elegant dresses, party dresses, blood, realistic wounds,
agony, mouth blood, stretched out legs, pussy views, feet view, leg views, nude bodies.
Also priced to buy at under $20.00!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.
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