"Strip Pool"

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"Strip Pool"

Post by G-Man »

"Strip Pool” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

It will be hard to keep one’s “BALLS” in there pockets when watching "Strip Pool” from Black Nylon films.

For fun, Jemma Jordan, Bonita Bannock and adorable newcomer Scarlett Black get into a game of
"Strip Pool”
as a joke. But then a crazy guy who's been checking them out breaks in and in a fit of lust shoots them all.
The bullets hit the naked flesh and the girls drop like flies, moaning from multiple belly hits and breast
bulls eyes... If you like shootings with some serious blood, then this one is for you!

G-Man's Review:
Here is again another fine strip and shoot video from Tommygun.
It starts with a nice strip show of all three gals showing off all their physical assets using a game of pool as an
excuse to take all their cloths off.
Then they all do a great job strutting their stuff to bring the viewer in the mood for a very exciting all gals shot
Bonita, Jemma, and Scarlett all perform awesome bullet hit reactions with some fine follow-on protracted dying
death scenes.
With TG insuring all the girls provide us with plenty of great fetish elements with…
Playing nude victims, back arching, body writhing/twitching, slow to die, back arching, moaning/groaning/gasping,
death stares, realistic looking bullet holes, blood & oozing, breast & belly shots.

Hits & Misses:
His shooting CGI/FX/make-up once again are eye-popping!!! A MUST SEE!!!
Except for maybe one out of sequence take…
"Strip Pool” again shows that TG seems to always try to improve on
his previous video by tweaking direction, filming and editing so to bring out the best in death fetish entertainment.

With plenty of tit & belly hits… "Strip Pool” is deffinitly another title that will "push all your fetish buttons video”
from Black Nylon Films!!!
"Strip-Pool” is another fine TG video that is sure to stimulate!!!
Also priced to buy at less than $10.00 a necrobabe!!! :eek: :eek:
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.
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Re: "Strip Pool"

Post by notvole »

If you want to watch Bonita squirm sexually while you cum, this is the video for you.
661D596E-97E9-4683-A3E2-66AD86AE4746.jpeg (353.33 KiB) Viewed 5756 times
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Re: "Strip Pool"

Post by tommygun »

Thanks for the nice comments. I agree that Bonita does squirm that full body quite nicely! "Strip Pool" also has my favorite belly shots with Scarlett Black as well!
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