"Kat's" Money"

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"Kat's" Money"

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"Kat’s Money” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

TG gives us another fine babes & bullets “HAT-TRICK” with "Kat’s Money” from Black Nylon films.

Kat Kavannaugh is a greedy a stone-cold killer, and with her husband (Travis) in crime rub out two other babes
(Jemma Jordan & Marie-Lynn) for stealing their money.
Their first victim is Jemma, catching her as she comes through a door with a hail of silencer shots. We see her
take two in her right breast, then
another to her gut. She goes down to the floor with a look of incredible pain on her face, then crawls to escape,
bleeding from three exit wounds as well. But nothing will help her as she finally rolls over, spits up some mouth
blood, and dies.
Then husband and wife assassin team move on to find Marie-Lyne in a bedroom . Startled as the killers burst in,
she tries to grab her gun…too late…they nail her in a breast and side as she slides off the bed landing on the floor.
Then Kat then stands over her prone victim and puts another in her belly, causing the doomed redhead to give a
deep moan, until she finally dies.
Kat undresses her to reveal her fine assets and then drag her naked body into the bathroom so they can set up a
“Don’t Fuck With Us” message.
Finished with their business, they begin to clean up, but Kat keeps harping on the idea that the money is “HERS”,
not Travis'
He's finally had enough of her harping and greed, so he pumps one into her stomach, then two more before she
staggers and falls to the floor to give also a nice protracted dying scene.
Finally Travis grabs her body by the arm, swings it around, and gives her a last shot in the head. She's really
dead now and then undresses her (also to show off her fine natural assets) and then picks up her body to carry
off to his car.

G-Man's Review
Here is another very desirable shoot and strip themed video from Tommy Gun.
Black Nylon Films has quickly become a member of the handful of the better established death fetish producers.
"Kat’s Money” is another fine shooting vid that delivers the goods.
It has three fine death scenes… two with new faces… Kat Kavannaugh & Marie-Lynn both with good looks and
very fine natural assets.
TG again does a fine job of bringing the whole video together to tell a story. First… getting the viewer in the
mood by starting with a shower and dressing
scenes so to get a good all angle view of their naked bodies to tease us before the gals deaths.
All three death scenes are well acted and edited to have the viewer rise to the occasion. :- )
Each gal shows off a bit different dying / death personality from each other which gives good variety to the video.
Kat’s scene especially with her being the (most) bad girl in the video and get to sees what’s coming to her.
Seeing her getting blown away, then fall to display a nice death crawl, shot again, stripped and finally carried away…

Hits & Misses
Once again Tommy has three fine busty babes who all do a great job in each of their death scenes.
Tommy again has done a great job with composing, editing and post production of the video.
His bullet hits / wounds CGI/FX again are Hollywood level!!!
Plus plenty of neat camera angles of each victim and generous dead body pans.
Only nit-picky things…
In Marie-Lyne’s scene it would have been a bit cherry on top if she staggered a bit before going down or try to crawl
a bit after going down.
Glad to see Kat lost her hat after being shot. I felt she looked a lot better with-out it.

Watching "Kat’s Money” is another TG video that will be hard to keep your pants dry with plenty of shooting death
fetish elements… belly shots, breast shots, clothed, nude, blood, realistic wounds, agony, death stares, pussy shows,
large breasts, feet views, silencer, guns, assassins, wife kill, body pans, death twitch, body strip, mature women,
bad girls, blood drool from month, extended death scenes.
Yes... another shooting video from Black Nylon Films video you can buy and can’t go wrong!!!
"Kat's Money” is another fine TG video that is sure to stimulate!!!
Also priced to buy at less than $10.00 a necrobabe!!! :eek: :eek:
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.
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