"Cover Girl"

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"Cover Girl"

Post by G-Man »

"Cover Girl” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

With "Cover Girl” Tommygun brings us another fine "TIT" -FOR-TAT video.

Tommy Guns’ Synopisis

Cali Jane and Bonita are both vying for the same choice modeling assignments, fashion magazine covers.
And Cali is convinced that Bonita is getting them because she's sleeping with the photographers. She snaps! Next thing, she's
on her way over to Bonita's with a silenced pistol to confront her. Bonita denies it, but Cali doesn't believe her.
So she shoots Bonita three times. Bonita dies slowly, agonizingly from three wounds that bleed onto her satiny dressing gown.
Then Cali cuts the gown off after Bonita dies.
Cali heads home, has a few drinks and gets her rocks off thinking about killing her rival. But she never figures that Bonita has
hired a hit man to do the same thing to her! The guy storms in, grabs her and stabs her a few times even as Cali tries to
convince him that Bonita actually got the magazine cover gig. She slumps to her knees, then the ground, and tries to crawl away.
The killer watches her, rolls her over, cuts away her gown and looks on as she finally dies.

G-Man's Review
With “Cover Girl”, TG continues to keep us stimulated with a theme of… “One good hit deserves another”.
The video starts with another new face from TG… a mature hot looking mama named Cali; who plays the part of being her own hit lady.
Here she’s dressed in an all black skin tight top & slacks breaking out a celebratory drink after taking out Bonita less than an hour earlier.
As she toasts herself on a job well done, the camera fades back to her dirty deed….
Drives up to Bonita’s place, then fixes her silenced handgun for action before getting out of her car and walking up to her victim’s door.
Next after knocking, we see Bonita (dressed in a hot, hot silver /silk nightgown ) answer and lets Cali in.
Cali soon confronts Bonita of trying to steal a job from her and wastes no time in pumping three slugs into the full figured brunet.
Bonita is one tough babe who does not collapse until after Cali finished putting a hole in Bonita’s breast side and then belly.
She (Bonita) then does a great staggered fall to the floor, then performs one very fine slow “Twitch of the Death Nerve” before lying still.
Next we see a sadistic acting Cali looking very pleased with herself as she then cuts open Bonita’s gown and inspects her handy work.
We then see the video fade back to Cali back where the video started (having herself a drink) and soon goes to her bedroom.
There, still thinking of her fresh kill, Cali slowly strips and lies on her bed getting off her jollies as she thinks about her work on Bonita.
(This is done well by TG, showing some Cali’s mind flash-backs of Bonita’s shooting)
Cali then gets dressed in a white deep plunge dress. Soon after we see get ambushed by a knife wielding killer just before leaving.
He torments Cali a bit before stabbing the full figured blond a few times and lets her slump and then crawl on the floor before turning her
over and cutting her dress open to look at his handy work and rubbing his hands over Cali’s breast and thigh as she too slowly dies.

Hits & Misses
Cali is another very fine addition to Black Nylon Films.
A hot, hot, hot mature full figured woman who does not seem shy showing her stuff!!!
Also, after she collapses on the floor, she performs one sweeeeet lingering dying scene.
She also pulls of a fine job playing the part of the evil sadistic bitch and makes the viewer want to kill her a few more ways!!!
Bonita’s death scene seems to be her best to date, with mighty fine slow dying gyrations and great FX/CGI work by TG.
Yes, yes one very sexy shooting death scene!!! A performance that will make it hard to keep your pants dry!!!
Here again like in most of Tommyguns videos…. He makes sure there’s plenty of great pans & angles of both victims.
The only nit-picky thing is the hit-man killing Cali got in the way of the camera a few times and blocking a bit of Cali’s body reactions.
Also… Cali’s death scene was in a bit of a tight space which must have made it harder to film.

A video that should “Get Your Rocks Off”!!!
If you like sexy full figured women getting shot & stabbed… Cover Girl is for you... a winner!!!
"Cover Girl” is another fine TG video that is sure to stimulate!!!
Also priced to buy at less than $10.00 a necrobabe!!! :eek: :eek:
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.
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Re: "Cover Girl"

Post by notvole »

I agree with what you say about Bonita's death scene: "Yes, yes one very sexy shooting death scene!!! A performance that will make it hard to keep your pants dry!!! " It goes on and on and on. She squirms slowly making low moaning noises, almost as if she is playing with herself. Plenty of full body shots, ending with a sensuous close up of her sexy face as she dies. It was so-o-o erotic. I couldn't keep my pants dry either. Just imagine how it would be if the scene was shot in the nude!!!
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