"The Counterfeiters”

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"The Counterfeiters”

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"The Counterfeiters” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

TG's "The Counterfeiters” is another fine… "stacked and wacked" video from his Black Nylon Films.

Tommy Guns’ Synopisis

Jemma and Elan are losing patience with Jenna over shortages in the cash transfers in their counterfeiting trade.
They decide to downsize, and Jenna is the one who must go down. Jemma coldly shoots Jenna in the belly,
then in the breast. Jenna's full, natural breasts are shown continually and lusciously as she bends over in the scoop-
necked dress she wears, and when she crawls on the floor in pain. Jenna dies slowly and in agony, writhing around
on the ground, blood coming from two exit wounds on her back as well. When she finally takes her last breath, with
a silent stare, it is powerful. Jenna's delightfully inviting butt is shown extensively, as are her legs and feet with the
classy high-heeled shoes she's wearing. Then Jemma decides to double-cross Elan, and gets shot for her trouble.
A bullet in her chest below her right breast, then another one directly in the left breast. She struggles, falls, cries out
in pain and anger that things didn't turn out the way she wanted them to. She finally dies as a bit of blood dribbles
out of her mouth. Then the camera fades and the bodies are seen without clothes for a while. The agonies and the
bodies are beautiful in this. These are real, well-fed women! For me, it's one of the sexiest shootings I've ever done,
and largely because of the very special bodies of Jemma Jordan (size E, she admits) and Jenna Dickerson.
When those bullets hit them and penetrate deeply, you feel it right in your gut! If you only get one film this month,
this should perhaps be it... Don't miss it!

G-Man's Review

In this latest shoot-fest…TG brings new faces that certainly excites all our right places.
They are Jenna and Jemma, very well shaped dames that fill out almost every man’s expectations.
“Greed” is again the main story line theme about three small-time counterfeiters who are thinking two’s
company and three’s a crowd.
So two of the three (Jemma and Elan) decide Jenna has to go before she arrives.
When Jenna does arrive Jemma wastes almost no time in confronting her and proceeds to pump
two slugs into the beautiful brunette and watches her die with sweet satisfaction.
But then her ambititions get the best of her and then she tries to also take out Elan.
Here…she winds up being the dead end… very dead, getting two slugs also pumped into her.
Well, maybe its another simple story scenario… but Tommy G does another fine job with the details!!!
Starting with Jenna’s death scene… first she’s another very attractive, fine figured woman that plays
out a mighty fine protracted death scene performance and TG captures it at almost every angle.
Wearing one of the popular death-fetish combo’s of… white silk top, black skirt and black-nit garter
stockings plus possessing a body to fill it all in the right places.
Visually, she definitely gets you horny before the bullets fly and then brings you to your moment
after eating a belly slug then a breast shot, collapsing, crawling until lying lifeless on her back.
Then things soon move to Jemma’s turn to go down. With her scene TG first spices her impending
doom by showing her earlier on after just finishing a shower and dawning on a sexy chemise that
accents all her very fine curves which she than wears thought-out the rest of the video.
Which I do not know about other shooting fans… but seeing a stacked babe packing while wearing
nothing but sexy undies first giving out punishment and then taking it… is definitely exhilarating.
She goes down when trying to take out Elan in a gunfight and she too takes two slugs… first just
below the left tit and then the second square in her left breast. Her Jemma also performs a visually
stimulating death scene and her too finally lies still, tits up and spread out on a tiled floor.
Then as TG seemed to add in his videos… we see plenty of great camera pans of both babes
now exposed / naked bodies… yum, yum.

Hits & Misses
TG again brings us two more hot looking T&A gals with fine death scene acting talent.
Or two more gals that you would love to play act with in a Star Trek holo-deck!!!
Here TG,once more mixes the right amount titillating female body visuals with fine facial/body
bullet hit reactions, sexy sound reactions/effects, camera angles and some great bullet wound FX.
Especially with nice touches with Jenna's bullet holes in her back effects.

Another “Keep-Her” from Black Nylon Films that should push all your shooting fetish buttons.
Two new gals that will stimulate(!!!)… better (and cheaper) then Viagra!!! :yes:
"The Counterfeiters” is another shooting themed video that is all aimed to please!!!
Also priced to buy at less than $12.00 a "Femme Fatale"!!! :eek: :eek:
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.
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