"On Her Own"

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"On Her Own"

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" On Her Own” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Black Nylon Films brings on a all the “B’s”…
Breasts + Butts + Bullets with "On Her Own”
is another fine Tommy gun all girls must die shoot-fest.

G-Man's Review

When Tommy G puts three hot-bodied women together in one room with itchy trigger fingers……
It doesn’t take long before the hot-lead flies and no one survives.
The story set up… has three female racketeers played by Kiki, Velma and Bonita whom are also
all provocatively dressed for our visual pleasure. (see pictures below)
When one of them… Bonita declares to the other two she’s leaving the group and going on her own,
it does not go down well with the others and it does not take long before they all pull out their heat.
Bonita gets to get her licks in first by landing a slung each into Kiki’s and Velma’s left breast.
Here both gals give some very fine stunned reaction hits especially Kiki adding awesome realistic
facial pains. Kiki then manages to fire back and lands a hit to Bonita’s left shoulder. Only stunned…
Bonita quickly answers by hitting Kiki square in her right breast and causing the well curved vixen
to go into one titillating slow collapsing death scene.
While Kiki is slowly dying, Bonita also manages to fire off another slug into Velma and hitting her
in the belly, and like Kiki also displaying some very fine reaction hit also with fine facials.
With both gals seemingly dead and nursing a shoulder wound… Bonita starts to head out..
Not so lucky, Velma is still barely alive and manages to struggle and gets off one last shot hitting
Bonita in the back where finally her too gives a nice slow and protracted fall & crawl to her death.
Then Tommy G does visually what every guy who watches a female clothed death scene thinks…
he then shows each of the dead babes if they were all shot with no cloths… sweet!!!

Hits & Misses
Again all the gals performed very well, especially Kiki’s very sensuous struggle trying to fight off
her impending death with some fine visual fetish elements… deep breaths, rolling back eyes,
wound holding/pressing and some nice near death twitching.
Also Velma’s struggle to get her last shot off was also visually stimulating... including some fine
back arching.
Once more each gal’s manner of dress greatly accented each scene… Velma’s nice hard nipples
popping up or through her sheer chemise and the other two each wearing sexy skin tight outfits.
TG provides some fine camera angles (showing plenty of T&A) as well as up the skirt shots,
plus great FX bullet hole effects.

This is another TG shooting that will most definitely challenges you by trying not to “get off” before
the last death. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
...And of course makes it another “KEEP-HER” from Black Nylon Films. :yes:
"On Her Own” is all aimed to please!!!
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills from the video.
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