"Lady Scarface's Last Stand"

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"Lady Scarface's Last Stand"

Post by G-Man »

"Lady Scarface’s Last Stand” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Tommygun lets the
“bullets fly and all girls die” with is latest video… "Lady Scarface’s Last Stand”
from Black Nylons Films.

G-Man's Review
This is your pretty straight forward “Your not going to take me alive coppers!!!” themed video from TG.
It stars Savannah in the title role (with some added FX facial makeup for character) with Belle and Kiki
playing her lieutenants.
The girls are major drug dealers who at their hideout and will kill anyone that tries to take their turf.
Well of course they need not have to wait long when next we see the police (played by Ryanne, Tessa
and Rexxx) sneaking up to their door.
Next we see the police bust in and all hell breaks loose… and within 30 seconds all the girls are dead!!!
(Rexxx the only one left alive, and who cares :- )
After the scene fades to black…we see the screen say… “This is the way Hollywood shoots a scene”
Next it says… ‘Here’s the way the scene should look… and the scene starts over again.
But this time with non-stop action that almost overwhelms the senses. Here TG makes sure each luscious
victim’s death scene now each getting plenty of screen time.
Here each performing their own style of a protracted, stimulating death scene to include almost every
shooting death fetish staple with… Breast & belly hits (with plenty FX bullet holes) facials, gasping, eye
bulges, moans, back arching, slow death crawls, sexy out-fits, and plenty of up-skirt /legs camera angles.
After all the women die… Tommy then provides us with his most popular signature scene… cut and strip
all the victims cloths!!! SWEET!!!
Then it ends with plenty of nice final dead body scans of each girl.

Hits & Misses
With “Lady Scarface”, TG brings us “five” hits (very sexy death scenes) and no misses!!!
That’s a score you can never argue with!!!
Once more…Savannah, Kiki, Tessa, Belle and Ryanne all give arousing performances.
With his fine FX/CGI effects… Tommy again provides added excitement to each death scene.
The only nit-picky thing… and since I am a Ryanne fan… I wish her scene was longer.

This video will put a rocket in your pocket!!! :twisted:
It has soooo many fine death scenes… you wouldn’t know which one to get off on!!! :eek:
“Lady Scarface” is another “KEEP-HER” from Black Nylon Films. :yes:
At about only $7.00 a death scene… the video is certainly worth the price and is sure to please!!! :clap:
It is also available in two parts... Belle, Kiki, and Ryanne scenes in Part -1
Savannah's and Tessa's scenes, plus strip & pan, then out takes in Part - 2
"Lady Scarface’s Last Stand” is all aimed to please!!!
G-Man gives it a "MUST HAVE" rating!!!
.. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (5 out of 5)

Below are stills provided by the producer.
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Re: "Lady Scarface's Last Stand"

Post by random »

Thanks for the review, G-man! You've whetted my appetite enough to make a purchase. As if the actresses and pics weren't enough... :lol:

Hey, Tommy, when are you going to add this flick to the Black Nylons NicheClips store?
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Re: "Lady Scarface's Last Stand"

Post by gold »

Totally agree a mini movie made for our taste by TG .great script acting and they dont give up easy.. Savannah last one standing a true scarface ending....just her and her little friend..smoking hot performance :clap:
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