Candid Review Forum RULES!

The Rules for Reviews are located here, as well as locations to purchase videos and other helpful information! There's also a link to G-Man's Famous Review site! All great resources, if you're new to this community!

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Candid Review Forum RULES!

Post by Bluestone »

Rules of This Forum
(Revised on August 6, 2011)

This forum is subject to all of the Rules for the main message board; however, in addition, here are a few review rules:

1. Please place your review in the appropriate video producer sub-forum. If you do not see a sub-forum for the producer whose work you are reviewing, post your thread in the main Candid Review Forum, and it will appear below the producer sub-forums. Admin will create a sub-forum when a producer receives at least three video reviews.

2. Any member can start a thread to review a video, video producer or even a mainstream movie (provided it contains a necro element); however, in the subject line, for video or video producer reviews, the reviewer and video MUST be stated, and the producer, if the review is not placed in one of the producer sub-forums or there are more than one producer brand in that sub-forum. For example, "Bluestone reviews 'Shot In The Dark' by 'New Kid Videos!'.

3. The following minimum information MUST be provided by the reviewer:

a) The sub-genre of the video. For example: Shooting, Asphixia, Stabbing, etc.

b) What specific factors caused the reviewer to either love or hate this video or video producer's work;

c) A rating (subjective though it may be) on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is very poor, 5 is average, and 10 is excellent quality;

d) Once a review is posted, the reviewer should NOT post further comments on his or her review in order to avoid a review becoming a heated discussion. Let the review stand on its own merit. The one exception is when a subsequent poster specifically asks the reviewer to respond to a question regarding the review. Otherwise, let those reading the review remain free to state their own opinion on the subject video/producer/movie.

Remember that mere comments on a video or feedback to producers do NOT constitute a review and should be posted on the Producer's Advertising Forum. This forum is for customers to advise other customers of what's good, and not so good, in our ever-expanding marketplace.

4. This forum is not limited to reviews of FF advertising producers or to those producers who already have sub-forums here. So, please feel free to review the work of other producers who may not be as well known on this board, or who may not have a message board that allows such candid reviews.

5. Video Producers are prohibited from reviewing their own works either directly or through their agents. Should the administration reasonably believe that a producer has breached this rule, that producer will be added to a blacklist to be posted on this forum, and all potential customers shall be encouraged not to buy from that producer. These sanctions are necessary in order to ensure that this forum does not become a promotional tool for producers, when its true purpose is to allow an open forum for customer reviews.

6. Video producers are prohibited from reviewing other video producers and their works, since this would be an indirect way to promote their sites over those of others, and may create bad feelings. Video producers, however, are allowed, and encouraged, to review mainstream productions from Hollywood and other major movie producers.

Further Rules may have to be posted, or existing Rules amended, as this forum develops.

WARNING: The opinions expressed in the reviews posted on this forum are not necessarily the opinions of the owners or operators of the Femme Fatalities message board, but are the opinions solely of the posting reviewers.

Oh, and remember to always be civil, respectful of others' opinions, and above all... HAVE FUN!

The Administration
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