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 Which Necro Actress do you want to 'Kill' and how? 
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This is of course all fantasy, but here is the deal...

In customs and suggestions to producers, you have certain constraints, but your imagination is unlimited. Therefore, forget about actually filming the scene. Just tell us what you'd like to do to whom and how.

It'll be no surprise to anyone that I would choose Petra. I visualize her being a hot call girl who is willing to satisfy my every need, unaware of my secret desire. She is wearing a black minidress as in "Elevated Emotions". I ask her to slip off her panties, and she replies in her smoky voice and sexy accent that she isn't wearing any. I place my hands around her slender waist and lift her onto the kitchen counter. I then unzip, spread her bronzed legs, and she takes my cue perfectly. I am already rock solid and she is moist. As her arms embrace me and our lips meet, I seize her perfect ass and ram her onto my flesh knife. Her hot lips part from mine with a gasp and she immediately goes into a wild orgasm, her body bouncing on the counter, spectacular breasts jiggling beneath the tight fabric of her dress. My hands are still grasping her ass, so I pull her off of the counter into the air, and she instinctively wraps her hot, toned legs around my hips. She is squealing with delight and grinding me with her gyrating hips as I pin her against the wall. She continues to gyrate a foot off the floor, nailed to the wall by my body. Then, my hands, relieved of having to keep her aloft, reach up and tear the bodice of her dress open to reveal stupendous breasts pressed into deep cleavage by her lace, push-up bra. I shoot my load into her which fires her into yet another orgasm. Then, I seize her slender neck, crushing her windpipe with my thumbs. Her eyes snap wide open in horror, her lips parted to gasp for air, her orgasmic movements transforming seamlessly into frantic motion. I bear down even harder on her neck, pressing her body tight against the wall as my cock drills even deeper into her. I don't even feel the small fists pounding on my chest, but I feel her legs tightening against me, squeezing me as hard as she can as I throttle her, then slowly starting to go limp and dangle in mid air as she weakens from the sex and the violence. I won't let her go quite so easily. I remove one hand from her throat and remove the switchblade from my pocket. Popping the blade, I raise it high over those unprotected breasts and then plunge it repeatedly into her left breast, drinking in her cries of pain and her body tensing on my flesh knife still driven deep within her. Her lips are quivering now, blood pouring from her wounded breasts, flowing down her flat tummy, under the shredded fabric of her dress, and down her naked legs to drip into the widening puddle of blood on the floor beneath her weakly swaying legs. Before she can die, I taste those honeyed lips again, then drive my tongue deep into her mouth while driving my knife into her heart. Warm blood spurts onto my fist from the fatal wound, her body tensing, squeezing my flesh knife. She exhales, her sweet breath washing into my mouth. Her body goes limp as she dies with my knife, tongue and cock violating her beautiful body. I jerk the knife out of her chest and cast it aside. Then, I seize her perfect ass again and continue to screw the still warm, limp Barbie doll for a few more minutes, until my sexual high has been completed satisfied. Then, I toss her cooling corpse onto the kitchen table, and leave it sprawled across its surface like a beautiful broken and bloodied doll as I zip and run from the scene of my crime.

How about you? Chose a victim and a scenario, and share with us!


(P.S. I love and respect Petra too much to ever even think about acting out such a fantasy in real life, but in our fantasy world no one gets hurt, and so anything goes!!!)

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Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:15 am
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sure you do. i like your story that sounds just like what mine would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. :approve:

Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:58 am
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If I could have my pick of any and all 'necro' actresses with whom to fulfill my own fantasies, it would be without question, Dalila Di Capri. She has the fetish herself that I would desire in the woman who would fulfill my own. Her own fetish is to be stabbed, deep in the bottom of her belly, ideally during sex, to be stabbed several times prior to being slowly and lovingly gutted.

If I had Dalila for myself, with no restraints or compunctions, I would have her riding me and begging for my blade. I would tease her with it so as to build her begging to a feverish pitch. And then as she implores me to drive the knife in deep, I would indeed slowly, so as to savor the moment, push the blade all the way inside of the bottom of her belly.

We would relish in that moment together, marveling in the fact that it has really happened, until she begs for more, and then again, I would slowly stab her once more. Over and over the knife ultimately would penetrate till the experience leaves her trembling and unable to continue riding me. And then, she being ready, I would push the blade once again inside of her, just above her pubis. I would saw with it, gently raising the knife as I did. Very slowly, the blade fucking her belly, she would open up, till finally her guts would spill out over me.

I would reach inside of her, and pull out what I might easily, so as to give her the full experience. And then as she sat there, slowly fading in the intensity of her final experience, I would reach inside of her belly to grasp her vagina and my cock, and I would jerk myself off with her vagina as she finally died.

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Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:03 am
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Note to self: NEVER meet Blue in a dark ally. Just kidding I would probably act out something similar but with Tiffany

Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:17 pm
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My go to answer is Raven Alexis, with breast and belly shots or garotte, but given what I just posted in the off-topic forum I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that anymore. That's like I was going to buy the Halloween parody she's in when if comes out, to see her do a stabbing scene, but now it might take me a while to be up to it.

So instead I'll choose Britton with a machinegunning to the belly.

Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:40 am
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