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Visions of Darkness is 2 Years Old!
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Author:  Nyghtfall [ Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Visions of Darkness is 2 Years Old!


In 2006, I dipped my toe into a massive ocean called the 3D art community. In 2007, I found a message board full of 3D artists who inspired me to learn everything I know about the craft. Art of Darkness was a 3D art board run by an English gent named hieronymous. Thanks to his tireless efforts to maintain the best board I had the pleasure of calling home, I got to know some of the most amazing talents in the 3D art community. Sadly, it no longer exists.

Thanks to hier's encouragement and support, I created Visions of Darkness to carry on the torch. It went live on June 1, 2016. We are an adults-only message board where digital artists can share and discuss their work. Though we welcome conventional 2D media, our primary focus is on 3D art. Our Terms of Service are designed to allow as much artistic freedom and flexibility as possible. However, there are some restrictions, and you should read them before you begin posting.


Like Art of Darkness, VoD offers a vibrant, forum-based community environment where mature art can be enjoyed with as few restrictions as possible, and is founded on constructive interaction between all members.


The digital art industry is constantly evolving. New technology is being developed and new products keep offering more resources we can use to express ourselves. VoD will continue being part of the landscape for years to come as it offers a place where artists of all skill levels can hang out, share their work, and help others while learning from each other to improve their craft.

Here's to the future and all of the artists it will inspire!


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