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 Bizarre Battles computer game - Update October 28 
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Damn - I knew I forgot something.

A simple fix is required to a small text file, to enable Terminators. If you have already downloaded Version 1.15, just download this small text file ("combatant_sets.txt") and copy into your main Bizarre Battles 1.15 directory. Copy over the existing (outdated) file with the same name. ... t_sets.txt
(1 Kb .txt file)

If you have not already downloaded the game, download this slightly-updated Version 1.15.01 instead. ... .15.01.rar
(1.7 Gb compressed .rar file)

Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:26 am
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Joined: Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:04 pm
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And another little glitch that needs fixing... I forgot to add the folder that holds the new custom designed outfits.

Fortunately, the solution is easy. Just create a new folder called "Women_Custom_Outfits" in the main directory. This will appear at the same level as all of the second-level folders, next to the existing "Women_Custom" folder.

If you have not yet downloaded the game, here's Version 1.15.02, which has this issue fixed. ... .15.02.rar
(1.72Gb compressed .rar folder)

What is happening is this: I build and test the game in a "test game" folder. When everything is ready for a new version, I have to move all of the new stuff into a "final game" folder. Sometimes I miss a thing or two when I'm moving stuff over, and that has now happened twice here. Apologies for the confusion.

Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:20 pm
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Hi all! Version 1.16 of my "Bizarre Battles" computer strategy game is now available. Get it here... ... 6.rar/file
[2Gb compressed .rar file. Decompress to play.]



That's right, 545 more young women have volunteered to fight -- and probably die -- in your fantasy battles. 2 sets of small-breasted Caucasians (sets 3 and 4), 1 set of large-breasted Caucasians (set 2), and 2 sets of Asians (sets 2 and 3). ['B' at Image 1.] (I don't yet have enough worthy Latinas for another set. If you want to help, contact me.)

See below for purchase instructions.

Many existing women have been upgraded with cuter pictures of the same girl. Also, several duplicates have been identified and replaced. (I try very had to avoid duplication, so that each woman appears only once in the sets.)

This new "Morale+" setting is intended to make battles a little more realistic, by imposing a morale penalty on women who are nude, topless, or unarmed. ["A" at Image 1.] This setting also further incentivizes women to put on loose clothing that might be lying around the map. (See below for more on that.)

"Native" women are unaffected by this setting, so topless Amazons remain just as happy to fight while topless.


This cool new feature is accessible via this tab on the Introduction Screen. ['C' at Image 2.] This makes it easy to quickly form an army of women with similar characteristics (blondes vs. brunettes? A cup vs. D cup?) When you start a battle (assuming filters are turned on; see below), the game will select from only the women who pas through the filter.

A separate set of filters is available for each side, and for each of the four campaigns. So settings in one campaign will have no effect on another.

Filters have no effect unless you turn them on (for each side, and for each campaign). ['D' at Image 2.] To remind you that filters are ON (this can have a big impact on available women), the "Filter" tab will F-L-A-S-H when that tab is closed.

Filters can be set as to breast size, hair color, ethnicity, and age. ['E' at Image 2.] Filters ADD TOGETHER, so a woman must be able to pass through all four layers of filters in order to be available. For example, if you select "Asian" ethnicity but turn everything else OFF, no women will be selected. You need to leave the other three filters on at some level too.

Only women from LOADED and UNLOCKED sets will be identified by the filter. The number of qualifying women is shown at the bottom. ['G' at Image 2.]

You can also force the filter to accept any "Favorites" you may have identified at the Team Builder screen (keystroke D, F, G). ['F' at Image 2.] That way your team can be partly composed of women who make it through the filter ("blondes") and partly composed of hot babes you always like to have in your battles ("Carrie" and" Jenny," for example). Of course, any pre-built teams you have made in Team Builder may still be included via Battle Builder in the usual way too.


In honor of the two new Asian sets, I've added two "Asian Schoolgirl" outfits (Pink and Blue). ["H" at Image 3.] These outfits can be manually-selected (outer top 48, 49; outer bottom 49, 50), or can be selected to auto-equip in the usual way from the Battle Builder clothing menu (new outfits 75, 76).

To help the "Filters" page identify women by ethnicity, I've added a new ethnicity toggle in the Dossier section for each woman. ['J' at Image 3.] This is necessary because "skin color" and "ethnicity" will not always line up in obvious ways. All women included with the game (including all add-on sets) have already been adjusted, but any custom women you have may need to be adjusted as well.

The default setting is Caucasian ("C"). Additional settings are for Asian ("A") and Latina ("L").

The AI is starting to get more capable. Computer-controlled women may now (a) pick up weapons, (b) pick up and wear clothing, (c) aim, and (d) flee the map. This is the first step towards a more capable AI and different types of campaign battles (like ambushes).

To make use of these new AI features, existing ambush-type battles have been adjusted to get rid of "hidden" weapons and instead replace with loose weapons and clothing scattered about the map.

In a few cases, this required some play-balance adjustments to give the ambushed side a chance.

The line of sight algorithms are very accurate, but can also be very slow. Speed improvements have been made that will be most obvious in larger battles.

I'm always on the lookout to fix bugs. A big one that slipped through the last version concerned "Terminator ratios." At the default setting, each Terminator is supposed to replace ten regular combatants (this can be adjusted at the Battle Builder screen.) However, this was not working for friendly Terminators, which replaced friendly humans 1-for-1. This made for extremely unbalanced games.

All of your old custom combatants (female and male) can be used again, and can be selected via the “set selection” feature detailed above. Simply copy all of the files from your old “Women_Custom” folder into the identically-named “Women_Custom" folder in Version 1.16, and overwrite all of the files. Same for your “men_custom,” if any.

If you have made edits to the newer combatant pages, these too can be transferred by copying over your old "Combatant_Data" folder into the new game (this is a big folder with a lot of files).

If you have previously purchased the full game, and/or license files for individual combatant sets, your old license files will transfer. Just copy into the main “Bizarre Battles” game directory.

If you have old teams or campaigns, you can try transferring the applicable .txt files in the main directory, but I make no guaranties that these will work.

The Demo is available for free, but has limited functionality.

The full game can be unlocked as follows:
- $20 paid to me via a large and very well-known third party payment service that I can’t mention here (it rhymes with "Schmay-Kal"), with funds sent to my account at “”
- $25 paid to me via a gift certificate at, gifted to my screen name “magnum1231" (you may have to establish a renderosity account to do this). Use this link to access the proper gift certificate... ... rtificates

The locked combatant sets can be unlocked as follows:
- $4 per set ($20 for the five new sets), or $35 for all eleven sets, paid to me via a large and very well-known third party payment service that I can’t mention here (it rhymes with "Schmay-Kal"), with funds sent to my account at “”
- $5 per set ($25 for the five new sets), or $50 for all eleven sets, paid to me via a gift certificate at, gifted to my screen name “magnum1231" (you may have to establish a renderosity account to do this). Use this link to access the proper gift certificate... ... rtificates

Once I receive payment, I will send you via e-mail the appropriate license files. The license files should be installed/copied into your main “Bizarre Battles” 1.16 directory. Make sure you tell me someplace what you want to purchase ... full game, which sets, all sets, etc. You can contact me directly at

As always, my deepest thanks for the ongoing support that I have received from so many of you. This has really helped to keep me inspired, and to make Bizarre Battles a better game.

Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:57 pm
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